N2VATE Announces Launch

November 10, 2011, Westminster California, USA.

Announcing the launch of N2VATE, located in Orange County, southern California, to service the medical device and scientific instrument space.  “We provide a business development platform for the inventor, start-up, entrepreneur, and early stage companies, in addition to established organizations, but we especially cater to the smaller ‘boutique’ products”, said Don Kloos, N2VATE founder and president.  Boutique medical devices would be simpler class I or II niche products and devices with IP that require smaller capitalization and have shorter time to market and revenue stream.

Drawing on its experience and that of its strategic partners, N2VATE provides complete business management for the development of medical devices and scientific instruments, two closely related fields,  from concept to development to manufacturing to market, and exit.

“We’re able to address all the aspects of the product lifecycle by providing highly professional expertise in the various disciplines necessary for success directly, or through our partners”, Kloos said.  This starts with business planning, funding, and exit strategies; then market analysis and validation; product design and engineering; prototyping and testing; regulatory compliance and quality management; tooling, packaging and contract manufacturing; marketing, sales, and distribution; and valuation, acquisition, and licensing options.

In keeping with current trends, N2VATE is experienced in international business venues and can even help start-ups who have decided to circumvent the current US regulatory bottleneck and access overseas markets first.  N2VATE also can find suitable OEM partners for out-licensing of medtech, bypassing most of the start-up process in exchange for earlier revenue stream.

N2VATE is differentiated from marketing firms or incubators, as its business model is based on active ‘product management’.  “We can contract as an outsourced business development manager, or jump right in and participate as a partner with equity or licensing value, which makes this ‘our baby’, too”, Kloos said.

N2VATE can be reached by phone at +1.714.897.9779, or by email at info@N2VATE.com, and there are several contact options, including product evaluation forms and NDA, from its website at http://www.n2vate.com/contact.html.

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