N2VATE Develops Retail Chain Distribution for Medical and Healthcare Products

September 7. 2012  Westminster, California USA

For the last three months N2VATE has been working to develop inroads into US and International retail chain / retail drug chain outlets.  Responding to the need of clients to place their healthcare and medical device products into retail distribution, a new and focused effort was executed to develop connectivity to the more than 100,000+ retail chain outlets in the USA as well as select international stores.  ” The initial drive was to connect to the drug retail chains, but it is not limited to only those venues,” said Don Kloos, president and CEO of N2VATE.  “We saw it as an opportunty to expand our sales and marketing services, in addition to the B2B focus for medical device and scientific instruments, ”  Kloos said.  In order to accomplish this, N2VATE brought in experienced retail expertise in Mr. Doug Eder.  Eder is in charge of retail sales & marketing efforts and brings decades of successful retail management and marketing experience. “We’re making signficant inroads into major chains such as Walgreens, CVS, and RiteAid, to name a few, for our clients product lines”, said Eder.  “We expect to continue gaining momentum and generate revenue in Q4 2012, while further expanding our representation of new product lines and new products.”

For further information about N2VATE and retail distribution, contact N2VATE at 714.897.9779, or info@N2VATE.com. There is also a Contact Form on its website at: http://www.n2vate.com/contact.html