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N2VATE: verb \ in´– tū – vāt \

1: to provide comprehensive business management
to develop a product through the lifecycle process.
2: to produce wealth from product innovation.

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  • Business Development & Product Management:
    Medical Device & Scientific Instrument

    Comprehensive Front-End Management:
    • Business Planning & Funding
    • Patent & Intellectual Property
    • Product Design and Engineering
    • Regulatory Compliance, FDA
    • Contract Manufacturing
    • Sales & Marketing

  • About Us

    N2VATE consultancy is an outsourced business and product management service to offer a platform that is focused on directing the product life cycle, from concept to market.

    It draws on the founder's 30 years of direct experience of inventing, designing, launching, branding and marketing scientific instruments and medical devices and products. In addition, N2VATE has developed a strong close network of strategic partners, who bring many decades of combined experience in the fields of expertise required to successfully develop and launch your product idea. N2VATE does not act as an incubator referral service, nor do we burden clients as a 'middle-man'. Instead, we contract directly with you as your business development and product manager for a portion of, or the entire concept to market cycle.

    Our strategic partners consist of several companies that focus on funding and various business development strategies; a previous FDA executive for consultation with regulatory affairs; experienced legal and intellectual property counsel; several established product development and engineering, prototyping, and testing companies. Our team also includes several contract manufacturing firms, including tooling and production in Asia. See 'Our Services' for further information.

    Founder and President, Don Kloos

    Don Kloos received a bachelor's degree in chemistry from the University of California, Irvine in 1977 and worked 6 years as a chemist in research and industry. For nearly 30 years since then, he has engaged in domestic and international sales, marketing, product management, and business development work, blending business, technical, and entrepreneurial aptitude to create profitable new business in multiple industries. He was a primary contributor for six companies in launching 15 new product lines in 16 market segments for capital medical and scientific products which has resulted in $300M in new commerce, worldwide. Don initiated and developed the x-ray fluorescence (XRF) jewelry assay technique worldwide, aided the birth of an analytical technique 'micro x-ray fluorescence', helped launch the successful medical device company, Aribex Inc., is an investor and developer in Parallax Research Inc., and most recently, engaged in business development for a local product design and engineering company, DeviceLab Inc.


    Medical Device; Dental; Product Design & Engineering; Capital Scientific & Analytical Instruments; Semiconductor and Data Storage Thin Film Metrology; Jewelry & Precious Metals; Pharmaceutical; Petroleum Chemicals, Oil, and Energy R&D; Nuclear and Radioisotopes; Microelectronics Circuit Boards, Packages, and Connectors; Plating, Surface Finishing, and Thin Film; Military-Aerospace; Mining; Museum Conservatory;


    Aribex; DeviceLab (includes ~ 100 medical device companies); Parallax Research; Bruker; EDAX; Oxford Instruments; Thermo Instruments; Xradia; Veeco; X-Ray Optical Systems; Seiko Instruments; Horiba Instruments; Moxtek; Fisons: Kevex, Applied Research Lab, ARL; Occidental Petroleum; ICN Pharmaceuticals; Isotope Product Laboratories;