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N2VATE: verb \ in´– tū – vāt \

1: to provide comprehensive business management
to develop a product through the lifecycle process.
2: to produce wealth from product innovation.

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Boutique Medical Devices

There exists a gap in medical device space where many viable simple niche market opportunities with good IP protection are typically overlooked for VC funding and commercialization. Typically, these ventures would only require minimal capital investment, have a relatively short time to revenue, and generate $5M / year, or considerably more, after only several years. A lucrative exit strategy may likely be realized as well. These low-tech, simple, and elegant Class I or II medical devices (in order of preference) we refer to as 'boutique' medical devices, inasmuch as they are smaller, specialized, but valuable opportunities.

N2VATE provides an operative platform and process to harvest these opportunities, in addition to the larger scale projects, by leveraging our aggregate experience. We provide complete business and product management service for entrepreneurs, inventors, physicians, universities, early stage as well as established companies via the N2VATE process.

The Boutique Medical Device Gap

  • Niche Market Opportunities, $5M +

  • Smaller Capital Investment

  • Short Time to Revenue

  • Novel 'simple' class I, II devices with IP