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N2VATE: verb \ in´– tū – vāt \

1: to provide comprehensive business management
to develop a product through the lifecycle process.
2: to produce wealth from product innovation.

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  • Business Development & Product Management:
    Medical Device & Scientific Instrument

    Comprehensive Front-End Management:
    • Business Planning & Funding
    • Patent & Intellectual Property
    • Product Design and Engineering
    • Regulatory Compliance, FDA
    • Contract Manufacturing
    • Sales & Marketing

  • Contact Us

    Please contact us by email at info@N2VATE.com, or by filling out and submitting the contact form, or calling us direct at 1.714.655.0781 M-F from 8:30am to 5:30pm PST. You are welcome to fill out our product evaluation survey for medical devices or industrial / scientific instruments and send it in along with your contact information. Since protection for your intellectual property is important, we have provided a non-disclosure agreement, NDA, for your convenience to download, sign, and return by email. We will countersign and send a copy back to you. DOWNLOAD NDA. Thank you for contacting N2VATE for your product management needs.



    16478 Beach Blvd., #330, Westminster, CA 92683: USA Phone: 1.714.655.0781 : Email: info@N2VATE.com