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N2VATE: verb \ in´– tū – vāt \

1: to provide comprehensive business management
to develop a product through the lifecycle process.
2: to produce wealth from product innovation.

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The N2VATE Process

The goal of N2VATE is to create wealth for you from your product innovation as quickly and efficiently as possible. The essence of the N2VATE process, or N2VATION, is comprehensive business and product management - through the entire product development cycle. The product management component makes this is a more active and comprehensive role in your venture than basic business incubation or marketing services. N2VATE is with you at every step of the product and business development process, providing the needed experience and expertise. One stop, comprehensive service.

'N2VATION' begins with idea assessment and market research / validation, followed by development of intellectual property, business organization, funding, and regulatory strategies. Product engineering, prototyping, testing, regulatory compliance normally follow and ramp up to tooling, manufacturing and packaging, then into marketing and sales channels. That sounds easy and simple enough. Experienced entrepreneurs know this is a lot of work and fraught with pitfalls and difficulties on the way. That's why entrepreneurial experience and passion from N2VATE can be your valuable resource for achieving your product and company launch goals.