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N2VATE: verb \ in´– tū – vāt \

1: to provide comprehensive business management
to develop a product through the lifecycle process.
2: to produce wealth from product innovation.

  • Business Development & Product Management:
    Medical Device & Scientific Instrument

    Comprehensive Front-End Management:
    • Business Planning & Funding
    • Patent & Intellectual Property
    • Product Design and Engineering
    • Regulatory Compliance, FDA
    • Contract Manufacturing
    • Sales & Marketing

  • Are You Fun?


    That is, are you fundable? As entrepreneurs, we know it is not easy to obtain funding for product development and commercialization. In fact, it can be no fun at all.


    Our Services


    The N2VATE process is simply about 'getting it done' and taking your innovation to market. This is outsourced business management that combines technical and engineering know-how...

    Our Work


    How can N2VATE be a valuable resource for your venture? To understand better what we do and how we do it, we invite you to visit and study our work portfolio.

    Welcome to N2VATE

    You may be an entrepreneur, inventor, product designer, doctor, scientist, engineer, technician, or director of marketing or R&D in a start-up or existing company looking to bring your innovation to market. We are of like mind and greatly share your enthusiasm and passion for developing your concept to market. N2VATE is your product champion and crusader, providing arms and legs for your device or product development project- all the way to market profitability.

    The essence of the 'N2VATATE' process is comprehensive product management coupled with experienced business development acumen. It is simultaneously engaging an experienced Product Manager and VP of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development and also accessing deep experience in these other modalities and disciplines, as necessary, to commercialize your innovation: business planning, funding, staffing, and launch strategies; legal, patent / IP and corporate development; regulatory FDA approvals and quality management; product design, engineering, prototyping, and testing; contract manufacturing and ramp up; and of course, sales and marketing. Unique and differentiated from incubator, accelerator, or marketing firms, N2VATE actually gets directly involved in your entire product development cycle, concept to market… a one-stop-shop integrated program.

    N2VATE Inc is a full-service contract consulting company located in Orange County in southern California, and is involved in business from San Diego to Los Angeles to San Francisco, across the United States, North America, Europe, Asia / India, and the Middle-East. Primary expertise is medical device, product, equipment; scientific instruments, diagnostic and analytical devices. Special focus is on early stage / start-up companies and simpler 'boutique' medical devices that may address niche markets and 'sub-VC' range ventures.