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    Market Development & Product Management: XRF Jewelry Karat Assay

    Background 1988:

    The jewelry and precious metal industry had a critical need to determine the gold karat fineness content of jewelry and gold karat alloys. For many centuries they had relied on cupellation, the slow and destructive fire assay method for quantitatively determining gold content. There were no scientific instrumental techniques significantly established within the industry at the time.

    Key Accomplishments and Attributes:

    Displaying entrepreneurial vision to recognize a significant market opportunity in the jewelry trade, and then leveraging technology and marketing aptitude, acceptance of a new x-ray fluorescence instrumental analysis method was achieved for assaying gold karat fineness within the global jewelry industry. This initiated the opening of a new market niche and inspired $200M in worldwide commerce through 7000 XRF instrument installations to date. This required vision, planning, execution, and intense crusading and has inspired over 12 companies, including major scientific manufacturers, to engage in commerce worldwide in this niche market.

    Market Discovery / Product Development and Launch:

    Investigated jewelry industry market and found no active competitors. Researched market needs, provided technical specifications to Seiko Instruments. Launched the Seiko Instruments SEA-2001 Element Monitor, a benchtop energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometer, and the jewelry industry's first practical solution to karat fineness assay.

    Second Product Launch, CMI (now Oxford Instruments) 2000-2011(current):

    Resourceful modification of existing XRF product line, to provide a less expensive, faster, and more accurate instrument. Launched CMI's 'Instant Assay' into jewelry industry worldwide, in North America, Europe, Asia, and India. In all, worked with 5 XRF manufacturers and 6 products, including current (2011) design of an advanced instrument with Parallax Research.

    Branding and Promotion:

    Engaged in intense uphill branding, education, and promotion activities within the industry which included PR in the trade journals National Jeweler and American Jewelry Manufacturers Magazine, plus NBC Dateline ('All That Glitters" 1995), San Francisco District Attorney's Office / Consumer Fraud Division, and extensive personal work with many key opinion leaders (KOL) in the jewelry industry (see below). The new method was involved in several legal cases exposing and prosecuting underkarating jewelry manufacturers. See 'Underkarat Jewelry, the Perfect Crime'. In the jewelry hub of 47nd Street in New York City, jewelers referred to the new assay method as 'getting a Seiko', much like photocopying documents is now referred to as 'Xeroxing a copy'.

    Key Opinion Leaders, Manufacturers:

    • Michael-Anthony Jewelers, NY; Michael and Anthony Paolercio founders

    • Stuller Settings LA; Matt Stuller, CEO

    • OroAmerica, CA; Guy Benhamou, CEO

    • Aurafin FL; Mike Gusky, CEO;

    • Engelhard, CA; Joseph Ching

    • SEEPZ, Bombay India; Multiple major jewelry manufacturers in this 'export zone'

    Key Opinion Leaders, Trade Organizations:

    • MJSA, Manufacturing Jewelers and Silversmiths of America, RI; Matt Runci and Jim Marquart CEOs

    • Gemological Institute of America, CA; Dr. Jim Shigley

    • London Goldsmith Hall, London England; Paul Johnson, Chief Assayer

    • World Gold Council, NY; Michael Barlerin CEO

    • Platinum Guild of America, CA; Jurgen Maerz

    • Jewelers Vigilance Committee, NY; Cecilia Gardner CEO

    • Lithuanian Assay Office, Lithuania; Eimantus Mitkus, Managing Director

    Technical Articles & Presentations on X-Ray Fluorescence and Gold Jewelry Assay by Kloos:


    "Don Kloos initiated the development and acceptance of the analytical technique, x-ray fluorescence, into the jewelry industry in the late 80's. He assisted instrument manufacturers, jewelry manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and refiners in understanding the usage and benefits of the XRF method for this application. This made it possible for jewelry manufacturers to carefully control the gold karat content of fine jewelry that is needed to comply with quality regulations, and made the manufacturing process more efficient. This replaced and complimented the traditional fire assay technique which is destructive and much slower. He worked with the industry over several decades and the technique has now gained widespread acceptance and use worldwide."

    Anthony Paolercio, co-founder Michael-Anthony Jewelers, NY

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